Yes, I can say that if music is my universe with countless galaxies, electronic music is my milky way and techno music, the solar system. Here, the planets hover around in patterns with unexpected collisions & asteroidy effects that keep hypnotizing my space.
The music is tantalizing. It is more for the subconscious where you need to let the music melt into your skull. And then, the magical aura is evidenced through the pumping groove which is the key element of techno music. Yeah! please mind the omnipresent & sturdy 4/4 beats, but they catalyze the digging process into the depths of the music. First-time listeners may find the music too repetitive & boring but by keeping up your faith in techno will let you turn the knob to yet another room of undiscovered emotions & dream(sound)scapes through never heard before sampling & production techniques.

Jeff Mills aka "The Wizard" performing Exhibitionist Mix 2 (Detroit Techno)

Jeff Mills on The legendary Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer that gave birth to Techno

The music is gripping, spellbinding & futuristic but if there is no focus behind it then its just noise. Techno is the depressing, gritty dystopian genre, a musical personification of the industrial, recession sacked automotive industries of Detroit in the late 80s. The term was lifted from Alvin Toffler's book "The Third Wave" and by 90s it had become the music press fancy word for everything electronic. The preferred instruments during the early days of Techno were the Roland TR 808 & 909 drum machines. Even today, the recognizable 808 & 909 sounds are a heavily featured element in Techno music, which is why the genre hasn't strayed from its roots that much.
To producers such as Derrick May, the transference of spirit from the body to the machine is often a central preoccupation; essentially an expression of technological spirituality. By this Techno dance music defeats what Adorno saw as the alienating effect of mechanization on the modern consciousness.
Many point in the direction of Techno capital Berlin when the origins of Techno music comes up in a conversation. Although that is indeed one of the hotspots, it's not where the rise of the genre originally started. In fact, Techno music first made its appearance in Michigan in the mid-80s, where the so-called Belleville Three (Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May) laid down the foundation of the genre. From there on, the genre spread to Europe & most importantly Germany. The party scene in Berlin picked up rather quickly, and Techno music became a heavily featured style of music in the slew of parties that emerged in the late 80s & early 90s. The rest is history: Germany especially Berlin, is still widely regarded as THE Techno hotspot on the globe & the genre continues to spread to other globally renowned areas.
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  1. Holding The Moth Underworld 5:30
  2. Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage Blawan 6:07
  3. Lazer Beams (Original Mix) Green Velvet & Harvard Bass 6:19
  4. Order Regal 6:55
  5. Spinal Tap (David Meiser Remix) Diego Hostettler , Krenzlin 6:04
  6. Asiel Radial 6:25
  7. Louder Than A Bomb (Dense & Pika Remix) Tiga 6:34
  8. Born Slippy Underwold 4:21
  9. Tarantula (7 Year Itch Rework) Pleasurekraft 7:49
  10. The Extremist Jeff Mills 4:15
  11. Departures Jay Lumen 7:10
  12. Pulzar Regal 5:29
  13. Sirius Metodi Hristov 6:09
  14. Man-Like Jeff Mills 4:50
  15. One Night In N.Y.C. (Chris Liebing Remix) The Horrorist 6:37
  16. Rave Sam Paganini 6:46
  17. Hey Boy Hey Girl The Chemical Brothers 3:32
  18. Tuesday's March Blawan 6:53
  19. Peaches [Coronation] Blawan 4:53
  20. Repeat Regal 7:23
  21. Requiem Souls Dax J 5:53
  22. 8.069 400PPM 5:47
  23. New August Prime Suspect 7:42
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Techno is the music of visionaries and technology lovers. Techno music could just be that one first step which will help humanity to safely transition into the era of technology – with no fear, and no doubts. As a celebration of human success, and our beautiful inquisitive intellect, techno exists within those who understand and appreciate it. There are people who hear the music of progress and evolution even in small and simple things that surround us. If you think about humans as a part, and a product of nature, what does that make a plastic substance or an alloy? How are they so different from the ‘nature’? Humans produce technology directly through nature. Technology is the product of nature, and only an esoteric group of people truly understand that. Technology is all around us and we cannot escape it. We co-exist with our technology in an amazingly balanced harmony. We have learnt that just like humans, technology isn’t perfect and can throw our living environment – our life support – our very existence, out of balance. That’s why we learn about raw nature and its relationship with the manufactured environment. We pretty much exist as we are today because of our scientific and technological abilities. If we haven’t had them, we would have simply handed the planet domination to any potential successor in the animal kingdom.

Techno music reflects our effort to live in harmony with the technology and nature. Some people love it for its form, melody and the rhythm, some people love it for its idea and the concept and some are simply letting chemicals dictate what they think and feel.