GOA TRANCE The Goa State of Mind

The alternative way of life inspired by ideas of the peace, love and travel, hippies have deep impact on world culture. Goa is the one of the few places where old hippies continue to live and collect the sunshine.1970s was the time when the hippies had taken fully-grown wings and started migrating to freer pastures in order to attain what they were eternally looking for – salvation. The nirvana of the spirit & the mind. And, Goa, which was the least Indian out of all Indian states proved to be a heaven for them. Hippies were attracted by the cultural isolation, beauty of the tropical nature and the atmosphere of spirituality reigning there. They felt free, released from fetters of conservative morals of old Europe.The Goans were open to all cultures and even the usually parochial Indian government conveniently decided to pay no heed to this organic influx of firangs because it only meant a self-sustaining Goa due to tourism amidst the country’s otherwise economic turmoil.
Many young hippies who traveled to India, ended up staying there for years. Some joined religious movements (like the Hare Krishna movement) or started practicing meditation (for example Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation, or the more experimental methods of Bhagwan Sree Rajneesh). Eventually, a group of hippies, not affiliated with any religion or meditation technique, settled in a beach town called Goa, where they developed a thriving commune.
Although musical developments were incorporating elements of industrial music and EBM (electronic body music) with the spiritual culture in India throughout the 1980s, the actual Goa trance style did not appear until the early 1990s. The very first electronic song played was supposedly a Kraftwerk track back in 1970, brought over on tape by a visitor, a story that defines Anjuna’s music scene. The sound was an eclectic mix of disco, house, techno, rock, pretty much anything that hippies were bringing over on tapes, as the music community was completely underground, with tracks traded from DJ to DJ without any support from labels.
The push into electronic production was initially resisted by the veteran acid heads, who preferred live bands with tapes playing between sets. This resentment was quickly forgotten with the onset of synthesizers, samplers and midi equipment in the 80s. Artists like Front Line Assembly, Nitzer Ebb, and Orbital were fueling much of the material in Anjuna when the rave scene was coming together. These tracks would be remixed by local DJs, often removing lyrics and manipulating them into what became the Goa-style. As the 90s came in, Anjuna had achieved worldwide fame as a party destination that still carries on today, though with fame comes the usual complaints of commercialization.
Goa Trance enjoyed its heyday into the mid-90s, though its influence would carry on in the electronic music scene. While trance music exploded in popularity, the Goa scene morphed into psychedelic trance, with many of the original players like Hallucinogen and Man With No Name continuing as psytrance artists. The style has spawned a variety of subgenres from the clubby Full On sound to the Dark styles originating from Germany and Russia. There is a freeform variation from Finland called Suomisaundi that pushes the meaning of the word psychedelic, and the downtempo Psybient style is popular thanks to Shpongle, a project of Hallucinogen’s Simond Posford and Infinity Project’s Raja Ram that has achieved worldwide acclaim.
Today the scene is not quite as big as it used to be, but it is by no means any less intense. Currently there are a couple of yearly festivals that attract large numbers of visitors. Especially popular are Burning Man in the United States, Boom! in Portugal, Ozora in Hungary, and the Rainbow Festivals. These festivals do not simply revolve around the dance floor. Art, spirituality and sustainability are also prominent themes of all these gatherings. Much of the original hippie ethos of and togetherness and transcendence still continue today, nurtured by groups around the world.
  1. Om Goa Gil 0:32
  2. Orange Night Electric Universe 7:25
  3. Two Full Moons & A Trout (14" mix) Union Jack 7:57
  4. LSD Hallucinogen 6:43
  5. Hyperspaced The Infinity Project 6:35
  6. Mongoose Art Of Trance 8:50
  7. Vimana Etnica 9:58
  8. Alien Pump Tandu 8:56
  9. Rain (California Sunshine Remix) Electric Universe 8:26
  10. Mahadeva Astral Projection 9:27
  11. Orange Acid Brain Accent 9:08
  12. Asterope Pleiadians 11:39
  13. Toxic Caterpillar Total Eclipse 7:05
  14. Superbooster The Infinity Project 5:14
  15. Kundalini Spectral 7:33
  16. Space Traveller KoxBox 9:18
  17. Next Stop Oblivion Z To A 8:07
  18. Eyeless Observatory Filteria 8:23
  19. Northern Exposure Afgin 10:39
  20. Starship 101 Etnica 8:22
  21. Blue Narcotik 9:06
  22. Filtertraces (Abstract Dream Rmx) Filteria 10:18
  23. Alcyone Pleiadians 8:26
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